More than 250 vehicles cover the story of the automobile history since its early days. One zone is dedicated to sports and racing cars, while another tells the love story between Belgium and the automobile industry. Autoworld also hosts many temporary exhibitions. Discover this museum in the Southern Hall of the Cinquantenaire in Brussels, one of the most beautiful architectural buildings of Belgium.

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The Charlier Museum


The Charlier Museum, precious testimony of a house from the 19th c, was the residence of rich patron and Brussels art lover Henri Van Cutsem. In 1890, visionary, it did develop his mansion by the young architect Victor Horta to showcase its rich and eclectic collections.

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The Pavilion of Human Passions

A few meters from the mosque that occupies one corner of the Cinquantenaire Park remains a pavilion designed by Victor Horta as a "tempietto" classically inspired. Placed on a small grassy knoll, the kiosk belonging to the Belgian State, was built between 1891 and 1897 to house a surprising relief Carrara marble by sculptor Jef flaps...

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Museum of Natural Sciences


The Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels houses the largest collection of dinosaurs in Europe. In the beautiful Dinosaur Gallery, you can observe Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Maiasaura, Cryolophosaurus and many others, but especially our national pride, the original fossils of our huge collection of Iguanodon...

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Wiertz Museum

Musée Wiertz2 photo Alfred de Ville de Goyet © MRBC - DMS

The museum, which has preserved its original atmosphere, is dedicated to painter, sculptor and writer Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865), a somewhat controversial artistic figure of the Belgian Romantic movement...

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Musée Wiertz Alfred de Ville de Goyet © MRBC - DMS

Royal Military History Museum


On the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in 1910, a young officer, Louis Leconte is a collection to illustrate the military history of Belgium. Following the success in 1923, the museum moved into the north wing of the Palais du Cinquantenaire. In 1972 is created the Air and Space section. In 1986, the museum hosts the prestigious collection of weapons and armor. In 1996, the Navy also has its place in the museum, filling out the overview of the different forces.

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Art & History Royal Museum

From the National Archaeological European to decorative arts through Classical Antiquity and non-European civilizations, you embark on a fascinating journey through art and history in a beautiful building, created by Leopold II in the park Cinquantenaire in Brussels.

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The Parlamentarium enables smaller as the greatest to discover the European Parliament from an original angle. Dynamic, interactive multimedia displays guide visitors through the history of European integration and help to understand the influence it has on the daily lives of everyone. The center welcomes visitors within twenty-four official languages of the European Union and admission is free.

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Don’t forget relaxing public parks


Here are some nice public parks in the European quarter, in order of importance:

Jubilee Park (more info and pictures)

Park Léopold (more infos and pictures)

Royal Park

Garden Félix Hap (more infos and pictures)

Squares Ambiorix & Marie-Louise (more)


Here are some suggestions of interesting sightseeing or relaxing walks